If you pay any attention at all to social media or the news, more than likely you have heard of The Kindness Rocks Project or at least heard of someone who has found a painted rock. Maybe you have even found a painted rock yourself. How we approach life, treat other people and what we deem as important seems to change with every generation. Today more than ever we see people trying to make a positive impact wherever they can.

For a while, and still yet, “pay it forward” has been a popular and growing trend where you do something nice such as pay for a coffee or meal for an unsuspecting stranger. Golden Soul Apparel donates $1 from every clothing sale to plant a tree. The Kindness Rocks Project is an attempt to “spread inspiration and a moment of kindness” all across the globe. Read more about The Kindness Rock Project here: http://thekindnessrocksproject.com.

These are all great ways to spread a little love and kindness in the thick of everyday life without much effort. However, what happens when it starts to turn something that was intended to spread kindness in to a business proposition or marketing scheme? We have become so competitive and desperate to reach markets and grow our businesses that it seems with every good thing that is done, there is someone out there trying to use it for personal gain instead of just something that is good for humanity.

Recently, a member of the Simpatico team saw a rock posted on social media that had an advertisement painted on it instead of words or images of inspiration. As someone who works in the marketing field, this seemed like a genius guerrilla marketing tactic. Guerrilla marketing is a way for companies to advertise to and reach their markets in unconventional ways. Using the painted rocks was smart and creative. However, as someone who supports doing something good for humanity for no personal gain, this really crosses the line of using something done for the greater good for personal gain.

We would love to hear your take on the situation! Is using painted rocks for personal or business gain genius and creative or does it cross the line of morality? Sound off in the comments or send us a message!