Shannon Homola

Shannon Homola


With over 10 years of graphic design experience, a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State University and an associates degree in graphic design, she has the knowledge and will to take on any task given to her.

She came to Simpatico Design Studio in September of 2013 after moving to Maine to support her husband while he obtained his PhD at the University of Maine. They have since moved from Maine to Michigan and then to Wisconsin (ahh, the joys of being able to work remotely). Before Simpatico, she worked for clients such as Campbell’s Foodservice, Cabela’s, ConAgra Foods and EIGHT different car dealers! No wonder she Loves It At Lindsay.

Loves Netflix, Hulu, wine, and pizza.

In her spare time, Shannon loves spending time with her husband, two sons, and their dog. She also enjoys photography, hiking, taking long drives, board and card games, and watching MSU football.