Web design can be functional. Web design can be pretty. Simpatico believes you should never have to choose between the two. We can make your website both functional AND attractive no matter what it’s being viewed on-desktop, tablet, smart phone or the first iMac from 1998. Having a strong brand is a key element to creating a website that works well for any business. Check out our brand development and graphic design services to learn more on how we can help with that.


We understand how important the look of a site is, yet if it isn’t functional than it won’t work to your advantage. For a website to be functional, it needs to work flawlessly across all platforms such as desktops, mobile and tablets. Let’s face it, we live in the age of mobile technology. If your site does not represent that, it will affect your bottom line. Other critical elements for a great working website are relevant content and how user friendly it is. Simpatico’s web design services keep all this in mind while creating a killer site your business will benefit from.


In addition to working well, a businesses website needs to be attractive. Supporting your brand and representing your company visually is how we roll. From layout to color and font choices, all aspects need to support brand consistency. We create and choose web friendly graphics that will represent on many levels. In addition, Simpatico will choose all elements that support your business personality. We listen to our clients and tailor every aspect of a site to your individual needs.

Websites are more than what meets the eye. Simpatico has the creativity and technical experience to create a website that meets your needs as well as consumer needs. Today, a well functioning, user friendly website is a must have no matter what your business size is. Contact us today for a free consultation.