1 tweet, 2 tweets, 3 tweets, #TREND! Creating an online social presence is much more than relevant content and verbiage. Social media asset design is a visual representation of your company across all social media outlets.

Social Media Platform Selection

Not all social media outlets are created equal. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, for example, boast their own unique qualities and uses, some information based and others more image based. Knowing the qualities of each are important to choosing what’s best for your business. We have experience in social media content and specialize in social media asset design.

Starting with a consultation, we will evaluate your goals and needs thus helping us to choose the outlets that are best suited for you. Using your business strategies and overall brand as a guide, we will determine how best utilize social media to build your business. Content and timing can make or break your social media game.

Social Media Asset Design

Creating a strong visual representation through social media isn’t as easy as posting a picture or a meme. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate a good laugh and meme here and there. However, there’s more to social media asset design than meets the eye. Because every social media platform has their own specs for size and content requirements. We will create designs that represent your brand that are tailored to every individual platform. Whether it’s profile pictures or cover photos, Simpatico will strengthen your visual presence through our social media asset design services.

Whether you are pinning, tweeting or talking to your following on Facebook, our team has the skills to create dynamic designs. Together with our social media content plans, we will represent your company with visual clarity that supports your brand. We can take you from the bottom to the top of your social media game in an Instagram.

Need help creating visually appealing graphics for your social media? Great, contact us today for a free consultation.