Simpatico Design Studio is a graphic and website design studio in Fredericksburg, VA, where big ideas spring to life within a small family-like environment.

Think of us like the cool house on the block where the door is always open and the beer and pretzels are always free for the taking. And every day is casual Friday.




Brand Consultation & Development

Your brand image is not just a really cool logo slapped on letterhead. We’ll analyze, challenge and recreate the story your company tells though planned strategy and kick butt creative. read more

Graphic Design

Think all things printed with ink and we’ve got it covered. Collateral, stationery packages, point of purchase, even that Christmas card you got from your vet.  read more

Web Design & Development

We do web. We make it smart and pretty then we make it work – even on your 72 year old uncle’s computer with IE8. read more


Whether it’s traditional, inbound or guerrilla (and we don’t mean the hairy type), we can help you increase sales and web traffic using modern, tools and practices. read more

Social Media Asset Design

I tweet, you tweet, we all tweet for retweets! Time to revamp your social media’s visual presence? Let’s snapchat! read more

Online Support & SEO

This is where our native geek speakers come in. Because honestly, when was the last time you meta data’d?


We’re a dynamic graphic and website design studio in Fredericksburg, VA with loads of agency experience behind us. We’ve worked in the cubicle laden offices and climbed the corporate ladders—long enough to know it’s not our happy place – nor a requirement to produce great work. We’d rather be crafting the next big idea for one of our clients while working from the couch in our comfy pants. So we created a different kind of agency, one that merges creativity with lifestyle, and allows us to work with talented, successful, passionate people around the country without having to leave the comforts of our home/office.

Let’s be real. Creativity doesn’t always happen between the hours of 9 and 5. So we built Simpatico around everyday treasures and hurdles, so we can do the work we love while living the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

At Simpatico, our focus is on building friendly, compatible relationships with our clients, complementing your strengths with ours to make something new and altogether better together.

Like peanut butter and jelly. Cake and ice cream. Gin and tonic. Anna and Elsa.

Our business and your business.

We go together.



Amy Simpson


Pinterest-lover and DIY extraordinaire, Amy heads up the creative team… Read More.


Dave Simpson


A hardcore Steelers fan and Pittsburg native, Dave is the one talking Geek Speak… Read More.

Shannon Homla

Shannon Homola


This Mainer, former Michigander, is a Michigan State University Alumni… Read More.


Colin Burch


Colin has more than 20 years experience in web programming... Read More.

Recent Tweets


  • David and his team did an amazing job revamping my website, David is very thorough and knowledgeable – which gives me confidence that I got the best care for my website. He was very patient with me and explained everything I needed to know.  All I can say is, I’m more than happy and would highly recommend the services of Simpatico Design Studio. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you guys!

    Edmarine Baker
  • Working with Simpatico is an extremely wonderful experience. The personal attention and collaborative effort makes for a winning partnership.  “Amy and Dave make you feel as though they are a part of your business family” 

    Lucy and Bonita Bolden
  • To borrow a line from Cannons commercial with Andre Agassi “Image is Everything”. Simpatico Design Studio has handled for our entire brand image from our in house marketing to all our point-of-sale and direct mail materials. As a family business, the way in which we present ourselves to our customers and the community affects us on a personal level. There’s only one company that I trust to handle all of my branding, and that’s Simpatico Design Studio.

    Michael Lindsay, CEO Lindsay Automotive Group
  • Unbelievable. You are a genius. I think this is perfect. I don’t think I have seen a mailing I like as much as this one.

    Brian Hills
    Owner, Nationwide Laminating & Finishing
  • Those designs are incredible! Linda and I are literally speechless. You and Dave did a spectacular job, and it will take me the entire weekend to decide. Thank you so much for working with me, and helping me get my business under way.

    I feel classy already…

    Neil Stedman
    Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
  • It’s truly remarkable.  Seriously impressive.  I’m in awe.

    Lisa Hamlyn


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