Having an active and well planned out social media page is almost as important as having a great website fro your business. Social media is one of the top places people go to for business information, reviews and recommendations. Social media is also a great place to advertise and reach new audiences. It’s likely that people will stumble upon your social media pages without even trying. Need more convincing?  » Facebook has 1.28 million daily active users » 78% of American consumers have reported discovering new brands + products on social media » Facebook is the top platform for B2B advertising All of these reasons are motivation to make sure your page is optimized to make the best possible impression on your audience. Here are a few tips to make sure your page is effectively letting your audience know what your all about. 
  1. Page Details Ever hear the saying “it’s all in the details?” Social media is no different. Make sure all these details are the first to get some attention on your page:» Profile picture » Cover photo » Custom URL » Add a description » Add your website
  2. Call To Action Otherwise known as a CTA, choosing the button at the top of your page is an important step to encourage your audience to take the next step.
  3. Enable Reviews As mentioned above, a lot of research is done via reading reviews and recommendations on Facebook. Not only will reviews help you in winning over potential customers, reviews are also considered engagement and will assist in your social media content getting seen by more people.
  4. Add Tabs You can add and customize tabs on the side of your profile page to help promote specific services or items. These tabs also make for easy navigation and understanding of what you do for new users.
  5. Content + Engagement While content is king, engagement is queen. Social media platforms tend to make it a tad bit difficult for businesses to be successful. The algorithm, or the formula that Facebook uses to determine what content goes in to people’s newsfeeds, demands that content not only be posted but also engaged with. A strong strategic plan and well thought out content is key to encouraging your audience to like, comment and share. 
Is your business on social media? We would love to hear more about what you have tried that has worked (or not worked out so well). Send us a message or comment below!