Here at Simpatico, we strive to not only provide outstanding services to our clients, but also to build lasting business and most often personal relationships with them. Our success depends on their success. This month’s client spotlight post is dedicated to Lindsay Automotive Group.

About Our Relationship:

We’ve been working with Lindsay Automotive Group, our longest running client, since 2005 when we opened our studio. When you work with a client for this long, you learn the ins and outs, likes and dislikes. This allows us to create dynamic pieces for them that we know they will love and that will build their brand in the marketplace. Starting with just 6 dealerships, we now service nine, two Collision Centers and a Tire Center across the DC Metro area.

What Lindsay Automotive Group Has To Say:

“To borrow a line from Cannons commercial with Andre Agassi “Image is Everything.” Simpatico Design Studio has handled for our entire brand image from our in house marketing to all our point-of-sale and direct mail materials. As a family business, the way in which we present ourselves to our customers and the community affects us on a personal level. There’s only one company that I trust to handle all of my branding, and that’s Simpatico Design Studio.”

-Michael Lindsay, CEO Lindsay Automotive Group

Check out some of the projects we have worked on with Lindsay Automotive Group below!