Did you know marketing and user experience go hand in hand? They need each other to thrive. Why? Read on to learn more. User experience is to ensure users who interact with a product or systems accomplish what they were made to do and create minimal frustrations or faults.  Marketing uses those experiences to to put value on products and systems so user experience designers have someone to design for.  It is important to use these two roles together to insure that the full user experience is met.  Both roles focus on designing for particular people or target audience. Marketing can help establish those audiences while user experience designers can make sure that the audience recognizes these specific experiences and are truly functional.  When in a studio setting, especially ones that work and need both roles to live in unity, some friction can happen where marketing wants to add specific features or actions (like pop-ups or newsletters). A user experience designer will want to focus more on how a user “uses” the functions and what they might take away from them.  Instead of making these a problem, we should all be focusing on what journey a user takes to get from point A to B. We need to pay more attention to the feelings that arise when viewing particular interactions and features, and how does the audience answer to them. This area of struggle can be solved by viewing and understanding analytics. This simple task can help to target where either marketing needs to improve an experience or contact a user experience designer to direct them on how to ensure their experience is taken in best possible way by their target audience.  Here are some examples of tasks that can be completed by viewing this important bit of data:
  1. Captures behaviors and trends among audiences
  2. Provides visible evidence to what features an audience is using and what falls short
  3. Identifies paths that help complete the journey you are working to move a user through
  4. Work on conducting polls and surveys to help really get to the bottom of the mysterious journeys a user takes
We always need to keep in mind the importance of working together for an end goal. User experience really helps to highlight the work marketing does to improve a business or product. These two roles are important to shape the world in which we live to create better products, better experiences and overall improve the way we use everyday things for the better.