As a creative company, it is our job to keep on top of the trends including web design, graphic design and social media. With the end of 2018 quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to look back at the years’ trends.

Web Design

  1. Responsive Design Responsive design means you can switch from device to device flawlessly. All pages host the same content on a desktop as on a mobile or tablet. This isn’t new to this year specifically, but has shown to be extremely important as cell phone use continues to rise.
  2. Original Illustrations While stock photography has been the go to for years, original illustrations has given websites a personal touch and customization that stock photos do not.
  3. Asymmetry Balance is always a good thing but lately we are seeing more and more asymmetrical  design pop up. The reason is likely that it gives someone an edge or their users a more unique visual experience.
  4. Data Visualization Gone are the days where users have time, or take the time, to read through data. When data and information are put in to a nice, clean and visually appealing chart or info graph, your users are more likely to stop and look.
  5. Bold Colors Much like we are having flashbacks to the 80’s, bold colors are making their way back in to every day design. Bright color use is all about standing out from the crowd and providing a way for web users to remember your site specifically.

Graphic Design

  1. Gradients Also known to some now days as “ombre,” gradients, or when one color fades smoothly in to the next, have wiggled their way back in to design.
  2. Bold Typography Much like the asymmetrical and bold colored websites above, the use of bold and off the wall fonts have been seen around lately to create a unique and memorable design.
  3. Authentic Photography Why use stock photos when you can use your own? More and more companies are investing in real photos of employees, products or services to create a more real experience for the design viewer.
  4. GIF’s + Animations There’s no denying 2018 was the year for GIF’s. They have become a way for people to communication and express their thoughts in a lighter, more fun way.

Social Media

  1. Live Streaming + Video With over 1/3 of viewers preferring video to text, it’s no secrete why live streaming and videos have been the tactic to jump on board with this year.
  2. Increased Engagement On Messaging Platforms We aren’t only referring to Facebook Messenger here-although there has been a large increase in Messenger marketing for 2018. We are referring to apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat. These are the latest platforms to gain traction and recognition for ways to keep open communication.
  3. Stories Stories are a feature that have popped up and been widely successful on platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Stories allow you to post photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours in hopes to encourage interest  and engagement.
  4. Customizable Chatbots Social media has become such a large marketing tool for businesses that responsiveness is and will continue to be key. Enter chatbots. Chatbots are full customizable auto-responses that can detect questions and concerns and respond appropriately.
We would love to hear in the comments which of these trends you hopped on board with this year, how you utilized them and how they helped your business!