Here at Simpatico, we strive to not only provide outstanding personable service to our clients, but also to build lasting business relationships with them that last far beyond the first project. This month’s client spotlight post is dedicated to one of our newest clients, Fawn Lake Country Club. About Our Relationship Simpatico was hired by Fawn Lake Country Club in June 2018. We worked closely with the Club over the following 4 months to redesign and rebuild their website to provide a better user experience for current and potential members. With the website now complete, we are now working to develop a marketing strategy to attract new resident and non-resident members and promote the club expansion due to open later this year. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to work with the club and look forward to a prosperous 2019. What Fawn Lake Country Club Has To Say February 20, 2019 Our club was in the midst of a technology modernization project in June 2018 when we were referred to Simpatico Design Studio.  The challenges were daunting and multi-layered.  We were a small business with no IT or marketing expertise and a finite budget.  We had an existing website driving no traffic to our club.  We were attempting to launch a new integrated software platform across our multiple revenue and expense sources while designing and upgrading an antiquated website.  Hiring Simpatico Design Studio not only solved the challenges we faced, but also exceeded our expectations. Amy and Dave Simpson immediately stepped in to develop a turn-key solution for the website design, launch, and hosting.  Amy’s creative and marketing savvy qualities produced a warm and inviting tone to our script and images, a website structure easily navigated by site visitors, and defined the premier brand image that we were hoping to convey.  Dave’s expertise was instrumental in solving the many technical challenges posed by syncing up the website with our new third-party integrated software.  Dave excelled at communicating tricky issues in a way that we could easily grasp, and just as importantly, designed quick solutions to technical hurdles.  The club’s new state-of-the-art website is professional, promotes our brand, drives traffic to our site, and generates new memberships. The synergy and partnership between Dave and Amy Simpson are readily apparent the first time you meet them.  Their coordination and seamless integration of the developers and writers made us feel we were all working together as a team.  They kept our best interests at heart and worked hard to ensure the project’s success.  Dave and Amy were an absolute joy to work with. With the website launched, we are excited to begin our next project with Simpatico to develop an overall marketing plan and strategy.  We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Dave and Amy for many years to come and highly recommend them to other businesses. Deborah McManus Board Chair, Fawn Lake Country Club To see the newly launched website for Fawn Lake Country Club, visit their website at: