Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a process that could make or break how you are seen in search engine results. While it seems complicated and overwhelming, there are quite a few things that can be done to improve your rankings that just about anyone can do.


First, you need a website if you do not already have one. In the technology age we live in, websites are pretty much no exception. However, not any ole’ website will do. There are a number of factors to consider in order for your website to improve your SEO. Elements To Consider: » Effectiveness Users need to be able to achieve their objectives without conflict. For example, can they find information they are looking for easily? Is your contact information readily available? » Learnability/Memorability Your website needs to be user friendly enough that users of all skill level can learn to use navigate it successfully. The other thing to keep in mind is your website needs to be easy to re-find if they visit a second time. Repeat visitors can greatly improve your search engine rankings. » Reduce Errors Page errors not only affect user experience but also negatively affect your SEO rankings. Broken links, images and 404 Not Found pages need to be addressed immediately. » Content Content on your website should be high quality, relevant and straightforward. Users today typically don’t stick around if they feel overwhelmed or can’t find something quickly. Also keep in mind that search engines pull information for their listings from content and headers. So the more relevant the better. » Speed Some search engines take page loading speed in to consideration. It has also been proven that good quality images optimized for web increase page load speed. Minimizing re-directs and number of plugins used can also increase speed. » Contact Us Information Google, among other search engines, consider websites with a good amount of contact information on their website more trustworthy and will rank them higher. » Mobile Optimization It’s crucial to have a mobile friendly site on top of a desktop site. A huge percent of users are now using phones and tablets more often than desktops. If your site is not mobile optimized, you are losing out on a large market.

Social Media

While elements needing to be addressed are similar to website elements, there are a few differences. Elements to Consider: » Information While there isn’t a lot of places to enter information, this makes it all that much more important. Entering relevant services, an about page, hours and contact information will encourage higher rankings. » Posts Being active and posting regularly is the best way you can increase rankings using social media. Similar to the Facebook algorithm, the more important search engines see you as, the more likely they are to put your listing at the top of their rankings. Posting multiple times a week engaging with other users such as comments, likes and shares are the best tactics you can use. » Reviews Although this goes for ratings on search engines too, receiving reviews on social media platforms greatly increase your ranking potential.

Business Listings

Claiming your business listing on Google (as well as other sources such as Yelp and YP) is a great way to increase your rankings as well. This will tell search engines you exist and put you on the map. Overall, the more active you are online and the more websites/social media accounts/blogs you have that are active and relevant the more likely you are to be ranked high organically (without paying for a Google Ads). Not sure on how to get started with all this? Reach out today and we would be happy to assist!