There are so many factors that have a direct affect on your businesses. Productivity, performance, employees, etc. Have you ever stopped to think about ask what affects those factors?  What drives and motivates them? Company culture are the qualities of your company, the personality if you will. Company culture includes many elements such as the working environment, goals, expectations, mission and ethics of a company. All these elements work together to shape your businesses. But what are direct results of having a great company culture? We list a few below.


Leads To Innovation

It’s scientifically proven that a company with a strong, healthy and well-known culture innovate better. Their creativity flourishes. An effective culture can lead the way to problem solve in new, more creative ways because they are motivated too.

Culture Portrays A Long Term Commitment

Since a culture normally includes a mission and goals, this also means the company is committed to being around long term. What does this mean for the employee? Job stability. It also speaks volumes for the possibility for promotions and bonuses. A company who truly value their culture and employees will offer incentives for a job well done when goals are met.

Culture Focuses Means Increased Efficiency

Again, pointing back the goals, mission but also the values. If these aspects are set and made well known, employees will all be on the same page about what they are working towards. Values goes beyond company goals and drives home the care for employees a company has. Adding value to what your employees value such as family time, taking time off to unwind, etc., will make them feel more cared for and in turn increase their productivity while desecrating the likelihood of burnout.


Strong Culture = Better Retention

Unfortunately we live in a society where every employee is looking for the next best thing. In a l to of companies, employees are treated as if they are replaceable. Turnover rates are high. However, with a strong culture, this could change. A great culture can make a position with this company stand out and more appealing than the rest. Lower turnover rates means less time employee seeking, training and a reduction in lost productivity time.

It’s Psychology, People Seek Recognition

We aren’t talking about getting a treat or pat on the back when someone is simply doing their job. However, with a strong culture, there are set goals. When goals are met and employees are recognized for this via luncheon, bonuses, etc., employees feel as if their contributions are appreciated. This motivates them to work harder and increases productivity.

Engaged Employees

When someone is treated well and enjoy the atmosphere they are in, it’s no lie that they are more engaged with what they are doing. They have a more honest concern with improving their quality of work. When someone is engaged and feels respected, their productivity increases as well.

How does your company culture stack up to competitors? Do you do anything to encourage a strong culture within your employees? We would love to hear about it in the comments!