Creating brand awareness, or promoting your brand, can be one of the best investments you make in your company. It should always have a place in your marketing budget. This can generate sales and grow your audience tremendously to reach potential new clients without much effort. One of the most popular questions surrounding creating brand awareness is how? there are many routes you can take to do this. Here is a small list of traditional versus digital ways to promote your brand.



There is something to be said about in-person networking. You should always have a short “pitch” in the back of your mind for when the opportunity to talk about your business, product or services arises. You never know who you will meet and when.

Contribute To Your Community

What better way to spread brand awareness then contributing to your community? Things to consider are sponsoring local sports teams, hosting a charity drive, donating to a community event or volunteering to speak at events.

Ask For Referrals

Word of mouth can go a long way as can referrals. People tend to trust the opinion of other customers experiences. Current customers can be your best advocate.

Cross Promote

Another great way to increase your referrals is to team up and advocate with other businesses. Cross promotion can be beneficial to all involved.

Print Materials

Fliers, banners, direct mail and print ads are all considered traditional ways to spread the word about your business as well. While this can get pricey, there is something to be said about a tangible item that people can hang on their fridge or see when they are out and about.



If your search engine optimization and key word choices are on point, you are more likely to reach potential audiences on searches.


Whether it be running your own blog or guest blogging, writing and having those writings shared by other sources can be a great way to reach a different audience and spread your brand name.

Contribute Content

Slightly different but similar to blogging, always offer to contribute your knowledge and skills where possible. This is easy to do on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You never know who will see your responses, comments, etc. on social media.

Social Media Advertising

With the ability to reach massive quantities of people with a relatively low budget though ads and post boosting, social media can not be forgotten. Increased sales and revenue are often the go to goal of choice when doing these things, but creating brand awareness can sometimes be the best goal of all.

Online Contests

A lot of businesses have success with running online contests on their social media. Not only do your audience get excited about the possibility of winning something, it encourages them to share, like or comment on something which exposes you to their friends list as well.

While every business will have different needs, one thing is for sure. All businesses benefit from creating brand awareness. Whether it is digital, traditional or a good mix of both will be determined based on their specific market. We would love to hear what tactics you have used to successfully create brand awareness!