As an agency with years of graphic, web and marketing experience, it’s important for us to keep up on the latest trends. This helps us keep our clients at the top of their game as well. Almost just important though, is knowing which trends to avoid. Deciphering good trends from bad can be tricky, but using our gut instinct + experience (and some logical thinking, of course) we have made this list of ones we suggest businesses avoid and why. 1. Too much bright color use. While bright and bold colors can bring attention to something such a header, call to action on your site, etc., it’s best to approach using bright colors with caution. When used in small amounts, they can be effective. When used in excess, bright colors can be uncomfortable on the eyes. Using bright colors for your text color will make it difficult to read. Balance is key. 2. Asymmetry Asymmetrical web and graphic layouts are all the rage lately. While they can bring interest to a piece, they can also cause a few issues. With asymmetrical design, it’s easy for content to get lost. User experience should almost always be top priority and that means ensuring they are getting the information they need quickly and efficiently without having to search too hard for it. Maintaining balance is also a bit more difficult when using asymmetrical designs but can be done if you are experienced. 3. Minimalism With Color Minimalism is another one of those design trends that if done properly, can be a success. However, if it is not used properly, mixing minimalism with color use can cause more issues that expected. Color plays a huge role and has it’s own use in design. Breaking out of the normal black, white and gray scheme of typical minimalism takes some method and knowledge to figure out what colors to use and their purpose. Minimalism is a concept built on space and negative space. When color is used, it turns more in to artwork. 4. Helvetica Ok, maybe not the font Helvetica only, but using typical fonts that come standard on every computer can be boring. While it’s a nice, easy to read font, it is typical. And everyone is using it. Font choice plays a large role in design and if you want yours to stand out, do you research and choose a functional, unique font. More specifically,  it’s one of the most typical fonts used in a logo. Make sure your logo is unique and choose a non-traditional, yet clean, font. While these are not all the design trends we suggest you do not use, it’s a good basic start. Most trends are a double edged sword – if you know how to utilize them properly, most times they are okay. This is where our experience comes in. We keep up on latest trends so we can pass this on to our clients through our work for them. Contact us today to see If it’s time for your design look to get an update.