Last month we wrote about why web content is so important. Miss it? Read it here: Why Website Copy is Important.  Now we have put together some tips on how to write better content. Make it easy to read. This is one of the most common content mistakes that even professionals can make. When writing your content for your website, it’s important to continuously keep in mind who will be reading it and what your point is. It’s important not to stray from your main point. Make sure the sentences flow nicely together. Keep in mind most web copy is normally scanned, not fully read, by users so it’s important to use keywords that will stand out. Every word counts. Put the most important information first. As stated above, web copy is generally scanned, not read. This is not writing an essay or a paper, the whole thing will likely not be read. If you feel more information (as in an introduction, conclusion, etc.) is necessary, it’s still important to start with the main thought/important information and then continue with more information. This way, you know your reader is at minimum getting the point and crucial information they need. Expect people to land on any page of your site. Contrary to the way you might think it should be, not every user visits your home page or about page first. With this being said, it should be easy for a user to start on any page of your site and not only get the information they were looking for but to also get an idea on what your company is about, it’s brand and overall personality. Make your website easy to find. We can’t stress enough how important SEO is on a site. There are competitors for every industry. Make your site stand out and come up in searches by using SEO. A few tips for this is using pertinent headers, using keywords and phrases, include links to relevant sources and answer questions to what your market is asking. Create strong headlines. Not only should headlines use key words that will help users be able to find the information they are looking for, they should be bold and well designed. The goal of your website should be to cater to your users and to point them in the direction they need to be going and doing this efficiently. Add images and video. Because most people scan and do not read, visuals can be a great addition to your site that will help users find information and keep them engaged. It’s one thing to get them to your site or make your site easy to find, it’s another to keep their attention. Writing not your thing? Shoot us an email today for an analysis and to help you with your web content to make sure it’s sufficient and expresses your brand best!