Growth Driven Design is a data-based method, in which Simpatico is certified and trained in, of creating successful websites. By now you have seen or heard us mention Growth Driven Design on our website, blog and all social media outlets. Not familiar with it? Read our first blog post about GDD here. We care circling back to talking about Growth Driven Design because there are some critical elements that we wanted to talk more in detail about to help our clients and followers understand it more thoroughly. The three most important qualities needed to make GDD successful are speed/ability to stick to a timeline, ability to make decisions and the ability to gather and understand data. Ability To Stick To A Timeline If you read our first blog on this topic, you would know that one of the major pros and goals of Growth Driven Design is that it gives us the ability to launch a website way quicker than traditional web design. This means no downtime for your site and it gives us the ability to use software and technology to build on and improve your site continuously. Your site will never be outdated with GDD! In order to do so, you have to have the ability to stick to a timeline. Because it is a fast moving process, weekly communication must be a priority in order to follow through on the true goal of GDD: to launch, test and create a full website proven to be successful by data in half the time as traditional web design. Ability To Make Decisions After the initial launch site is built, up and running, we now return to your original wish list. This is the list we create at the beginning of the process that helps us determine what to start with for the launch site and plays as our options for what to ad next. The goal of this part of the process is to choose a new item from the wish list weekly, get it added to the site quickly and gather data on it to see what is working, what is not and what we could change/improve on. If everything seems to be working as it should or as we want, we move to the next item on your wish list within a week. Repeat this process until your whole wish list is complete. Ability To Gather And Understand Data This is more of a requirement on our end rather than our clients. As we stated above, Growth Driven Design is a web design process based on data—that’s what makes it so unique and different from traditional web design. By using software such as Google Analytics, heat maps and other tracking software, we hold the ability to gather information and present to you what is working, not working and where we can use improvements to the site. It is the clients job, however, to communicate regularly with us and let us know if they have questions or concerns about the data or are not understanding something. If you are in need of a website overhaul, update or re-design, contact us today to discuss this up and coming process. You won’t be disappointed!