Marketing platforms, technology and software are constantly (and quickly) changing. If you can’t keep up with these rapid changes, how are you expected reach your target markets needs successfully? The answer is Growth Driven Design. With traditional website design, your website becomes irrelevant almost as soon as you launch, thus failing to meet the needs of your clients and your ever-changing market. Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a new method and solution that allows you to have an optimized and targeted website that is continuously improved throughout the whole life of the website. What’s best, it costs less upfront. Here’s a break-down of the immediate differences of Growth Driven Design versus traditional website design:
  • Traditional website design has a 3-6 month design period, with GDD design and launch happens in just 1-2 months.
  • With a traditional site, you typically re-design every 2-2.5 years as content and design becomes outdated and irrelevant. The Growth Driven Design process offers continuous improvement and updates so your site is ALWAYS up to date.
  • Traditional websites are built on strictly assumptions. GDD is built on real user data gathered through analytics and other research tools.
  • Growth Driven Design reduces risk. It’s based on gathered facts and is always monitored to assure best possible performance.
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