Because we live in a world of technology, and mobile technology none the less, your website is many times your first impression. While brick and mortar stores are still common, they are less likely the first place someone will see your product or service. In addition, physical stores are not necessary for all businesses. With this being said, your website will likely be the first impression for your clients and potential clients. While it’s difficult to design a website to appeal aesthetically to every individual who will visit it, it is possible to build a website that will appeal and be functional for every potential client who visits it. There are certain qualities that will make sure this is the case. These qualities have been proven to leave a lasting first impression on your audience: Relevancy This really should go without saying, but make sure the content is relevant. Content/information on your site should also be a good length. Too long, you will lose their attention. Too short they will not find what they are looking for. Usability A website should have a layout that flows and is functional. People shouldn’t have too spend too much time navigating or you will again lose their interest. The order needs to make sense to assist them in finding what they are there to find in a timely manner. Strong and easy to understand headings and menu pages will help with ease of navigation. Brand Identity They clicked on your site, likely from an online search or another referral source, so yes, they know who’s site they are on. However, creating a strong brand identity throughout your whole site will assist in them remembering your name, logo, etc. long after they have left your site. Design As stated above, you will find it difficult to please everyone with the design of your website as well all have different tastes. There are a few things you can do to make it appeal to almost everyone across the board. Use easy to read fonts and colors, easy to navigate layout and imagery that is relatable. Visual Elements The average consumer only reads about 30% of content-another reason relevant content is so important. It’s proven we are more drawn to imagery. Use relevant images, bulleted/organized text and info graphs to increase the chance of someone actually reading and retaining information. By following these guidelines, you are sure to increase your chances of having a consumer remember you long after they leave your site. This will, in the end, increase the chance of them taking the next step-whether that be calling, requesting more information, placing an order or visiting your store front. Call us today to get your website working the best to help you create a lasting impression!