A great website can be the best marketing tool for a company. Especially because we live in such a digital world. If you don’t have a website, and a professionally designed one for that matter, it will send up red flags to your customers. There are so many different elements to a site, it’s hard to determine which is the most important. Design is important because it needs to not only appeal to your market, but be easy to read, quick to load and easy to navigate. CTA’s (Call To Actions) are important because this is what drives lead generation. However, most people don’t stop to think of the content. Each aspect of your website plays an important role, however if your content is not great, relevant or written correctly, the others don’t matter much. Design pulls people in, call to actions are needed to convert them to leads, but content is what convinces them follow through on those CTA’s. Not only is it important for readers once they are on your site, but great content helps them get there. Search engines pull from many things when generating their searches including headers/titles, images and body text. Strategically writing your copy, headers and naming images has the potential to increase your SEO rankings. This means more potential customers will find you. Good content will provide necessary information for your readers without overwhelming them and turning them away. It needs to be information they want and need to take the next step. It goes without being said, but all content should be read over closely for grammatical and spelling errors and to make sure it’s easy to read and understand. Your content should not only showcase your knowledge, products or services, but should also follow your brand. How do you want to come off to your readers? The personality of your writing should be in alignment with the overall voice and feel of your company. Keep it professional, but take the opportunity to help your readers feel comfortable with your company. Your website content can likely be one of the first impressions you make on a potential client. Simpatico has the experience to make your content exactly what it needs to be for you and your specific market. Give us a shout today to get started!