In the technology driven world we live and work in, a phenomenal, well working website is important. We don’t have to tell you that. Your website can be one of your best marketing tools if designed and utilized properly. In order to be a successful marketing tool for your business, your site must use (and use them wisely) great Call To Actions (CTA).   We are not just talking about your run of the mill “Contact us!” button. While that is an important one, there are other CTAs you can use to increase traffic, engagement, improve conversion rates and help you gain new clients. We are also not talking about linked text (although that is a great thing to utilize as well to increase traffic to other parts of your site). CTAs are buttons. They grab attention. They demand action. They make your consumer curious and want to move on to the next step.   Examples of great CTAs to use   Contact Us This is a basic and important one. Not to state the obvious, but you want your audience to be able to reach out to you easily. This CTA should be on more than one page-not just on your contact page.   Follow Us… …on social media that is. No stalking necessary. Social media is a great, easy and budget friendly way to reach your audience, update your clients on happenings and engage with them. Great customer service is key in this competitive world we live in. Social media allows for quick and open communication.   Subscribe Have a newsletter or blog? This one is the way to gain a following. It is also another great way to connect with your clients and capture potential leads. By willingly giving you their email or contact info, you gain the right to contact them.   Ways To Encourage CTA Use/Awareness   Button, Not Text Easier to find, harder to miss and more visually appealing, buttons are the way to go when you want to encourage engagement from your audience. Linked text has it’s time and place, however it is also easily overlooked.   Color Contrast and using a color that stands out are key. While we aren’t saying you have to use lime green or neon orange, making sure your buttons pop out will make it easier to find. Another thing to consider is psychologically speaking what certain colors portray. A lot of people recognize certain gray tones with being unavailable/not clickable.   Description Wording can be just important as color. You have to make it intriguing and as descriptive as possible in a small amount of space. For example, it would be more appealing to a consumer to click a button that says “get a free quote” versus “submit” or “get your e-book” versus “download.” What are they downloading? What are they requesting? No need to get too wordy, but generic can be boring.   Location Consumers have to be able to easily find your CTAs. They might not even visit your site with the intention to engage or request more information. However, if they like what they see on your site and buttons are made readily available, they are more likely to do so. People don’t want to have to work hard to get information.   Are your Call To Actions creating the best response possible? Or are you not seeing a great conversion rate from your website? Contact us today to make this happen!