Graphic design is so much more than just a pretty picture. There are so many elements involved and many non-designers never realize this. Outside of considering imagery, color use and font choices, designers are trained and have the eye to evaluate balance, negative space and the psychology behind design that will capture consumers attention and appeal to them in a positive manner. Here are the top mistakes non-designers generally make and never even realize it. Bad Fonts + Too Many Different Fonts Mixing fonts can be a great way to add interest and separation to content. However, knowing what type of fonts look visually appealing together is something a trained designer has the knowledge and eye for. Designers also have the ability to determine where, when and how many different fonts to use to create that interest without being overwhelming or confusing to users. Not Leaving White Space So many people see white space as boring or wasted space. However, just the opposite is true. White space is necessary to allow design to come across as professional, clean and visually appealing. There is a balance though as too much white space can have the opposite affect. Cluttered designs are overwhelming to viewers and could have the opposite result you want. Instead of your audience looking at and reading your designs and content, if overwhelmed they may not even bother. Color Use Professional designers are trained to choose colors that work well together creating a visually appealing work of art. They are also trained to choose colors that allow for optimal functionality, readability and bringing attention to aspects of a design when necessary. Words Vs. Images While words are one of the most important aspect of designing marketing materials, too many words and not using imagery can be a big mistake. Too much text can overwhelm an audience. Using images and graphics that communicate your message can be a great way to grab attention and get your message across. Bad Letter Spacing Known to designers as kerning, the spacing between letters is an important part of creating materials that are easy to read. Most non-designers don’t even realize that graphic designers physically correct letter and word spacing. While this can be somewhat time consuming, it really can make the visual appeal and functionality of a design so much better. Contrast of Colors While simplicity can be appealing in a sense, color contract can take visual appeal to the next level and apply emphasis where necessary. Successfully using light, dark and bright colors can assure that a design is affective versus ineffective. Make sure you are not committing any of these design mistakes and let us handle your design and branding. We will make sure your company appeals to your audience in a professional manner that meshes well with your brand.