Trends come and trends go. It is hard to determine which trends to follow and which to not. Lucky for you, you have us. We are here to make sure you don’t have to make any of the tough decisions or do the research to know which trends are here to stay or are a great idea and which leave something to be desired. Here are a few trends we have seen mentioned in the media that we think are good ones to consider.
  1. Drop Shadows While not a completely new concept, drop shadows are being more and more popular for many uses outside of adding depth. Drop shadows, if used correctly, can add visual interest and emphasis to items or sections of your site.
  2. Mobile Sites While having a well designed site for a desktop computer is still necessary and relevant, the need for mobile sites is undeniable and at the top of a lot of business owners priority list. In past years it might have seemed difficult to fit all your web’s content and menus on such a small screen successfully. Now, designers are finding ways to make this work such as using icons instead of large images and editing content to only the most important content. Because of the high use of cell phones, consumers are overall adjusted to using small screens now so they don’t even recognize many difference between desktop and mobile versions as long as they are easy to navigate and provide them with needed information.
  3. Custom Images + Illustrations While stock photography and illustrations are still used a lot today, some businesses, particularly creative base businesses, are option for custom images or illustrations. Your website is one of your best marketing tools and having something unique that stands out from the crowd is a great way to capture consumers attention.
  4. Asymmetrical Layouts This trend started in 2017 but will continue to be a strong contender this year. While symmetrical design can be clean cut and appealing, asymmetrical design also has it’s time and place. This trend is particularly attractive to modern brands who are looking to create uniqueness in an oversaturated market.
  5. Organic + Oblique Shapes Similar in concept to asymmetrical design, organic shapes versus typical straightedged and sharp cornered boxes are making their appearance on sites to add a unique quality. From message boxes, to background shapes and textures, non traditional shape use will add visual appeal that will impress most audiences.
  6. Interactions + Animations As stated above, a lot of companies see their websites as a marketing tool. Gone are the days where sites are used just as informational piece. We have the explosion of devices that allow us to be in the know everywhere we go, the potential to reach our market no matter where they are and digital marketing to mostly thank for this mindset. While it’s important not to overdo it, making information more prominent by adding in animations or encouraging interaction is a great way to engage your audience helping you to turn viewers in to leads and eventually customers.
Are you already using any of these trends on your current site? We would love to hear from our readers on which trends they feel are great and which are not so great. Call us today for an analysis on your site to make sure you are staying up with time in this competitive market! Sources: