It’s that time of the year again-time to start planning for a new year! Your planning should always take in to considerations yearly trends. Not sure what is currently trending? No problem, we have you covered! Here is a quick list of predicted web, graphic and marketing trends for 2019. WEB DESIGN
  1. Serif Fonts. It’s generally been a rule of thumb that serif fonts are for print, san-serifs on screens. It is predicted that this rule is going to be challenged in 2019. Font choice is an easy and quick way to give your website a look refresher for the new year.
  2. Video Content. While video content popularity grew exponentially in 2018, this trend is going to continue to rise. Social media has been the main stomping grounds of video but now we are seeing it spread to websites as well. Studies show consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it.
  3. Black and White + Minimalism. While certain retro trends seem to be popping up occasionally, simplistic designs that portray minimalism continue to rise in popularity as well. Forgoing color in the grand scheme of things can make it easier to allow certain aspects of your site to stand out such as images, video, etc.
  1. Colorful Minimalism. While black and white minimalism will dominated web design, it is predicted that the opposite will be true of print design. We can expect simple, minimalist design to be mixed with bold pops of color to make things stand out from the surrounding design.
  2. Genuine Stock Photography. With the rise in ability to personalize a brand, thanks in large part to social media and digital availability of a company, consumers are more and more attracted to companies with a personal tough. This includes their design. Gone are the days of basic stock photography. The trend of more realistic and relatable stock photos has already started and will continue gain momentum in the new year.
  3. Strong + Bold Typography. We aren’t just talking about a bold font, here. We are talking about 3-D titles, bold colors and text with backgrounds. In such a competitive society, designers try anything and everything to stand out from the crowd.
  1. Influencer Marketing. Consumers put more trust in to the word and referral of others than they do a brand or company. Influencer marketing gives them just that-reviews, content and advertising created by everyday people.
  2. Understanding Your Consumer. Almost anyone can create visually appealing and creative ads and strategic plans. However, not everyone takes the time and does the research in to fully understanding their audience. In-depth research is what will set you apart from your competition.
  3. Authenticity. Gone are the days of proper and scripted ads. People want to buy and learn from people-this has been proven in study after study. Humanizing your advertising, including social media, web content, etc., will be key to winning over consumers and audiences in 2019.
What are your thoughts on these trends? Will you be jumping on the the bandwagon of these for 2019? Sound off in the comments!