In a world where we have unlimited information at our fingertips almost all of the time, your website is one of your best tools to market your business. This makes it a high priority item to maintain properly. A redesign does not necessarily mean changing the whole site, it could be as low key as updating a few items. Here are a list of reasons that constitute a redesign. You Are Lacking Results/See a Decrease In Customers If you go from getting a good deal of leads to hardly any at all, this could be a sign it’s time for an update. Tracking your website analytics closely will give you a good starting point for your redesign. Using data, you can figure out what the problems are-are your call to actions not generating leads? Are people not feeling your landing or home page? Are consumers not finding what they are looking for? All these are questions to ask yourself when reviewing analytics data. Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly This is a big red flag. More consumers use mobile devices or tablets for their internet use than any other device. If your site is not mobile friendly, you are going to lose out on a large audience. View the statistics in for mobile use in one of our previous blogs: Tips For a User Friendly Website. Your Services/Company Changes Whether you have completely changed your offerings, or purpose for your site, or just added a few new things, this is a good reason to revamp your website. This reason could constitute for a complete redesign or just a facelift depending on the extent of changes being made to your company. Competitors Have Changed Their Site Every hear the saying “keeping up with the Jones’?” That applies to your website as well. With any marketing strategy, keeping up with times and your competition will be necessary for you to continue to appear relevant to your client. More than likely, by updating their site they are looking to increase their rankings so you should be doing the same to stay competitive. Your Site Has A Lot of Components That Don’t Work By components we mean broken links, broken images, pixelated images and outdated third party sources. In many ways, these items can hurt your site. With so many features not working, this will hinder your search engine rankings. Users will see it as either unprofessional or be irritated that your site is not working properly causing them to move on. On the flip side, images that look appealing but are not optimized properly can slow down your site which will also cause user frustration. Your Not Ranking On Google Is your site not coming up on search engine searches? Search engine optimization has a ton of components to consider but simply put, it could be from an outdated website. Outdated content, improper use of meta descriptions, keywords and headings all contribute to this issue. Broken links and images (especially unnamed images) also will decrease your odds of ranking. If your site matches up with any of these criteria, reach out to us today to get your site running properly and ranked well!