It’s no secret we live in a highly competitive world. This is especially true for small business owners. Because of that competition, it is normal for business owners to try and cut costs everywhere they can to reduce overhead spending. This is even more the case with new businesses trying to get their feet on the ground and establish their business. One of the ways a lot of people cut costs is by deciding to do their own design and branding work. This includes print materials such as brochures, flyers, websites and even logos. Here we have written a few of the downfalls to why pre-made or DIY designs are a bad idea.
  1. Branding is everything. Your logo becomes the face of your company. You want potential consumers to see your logo and be able to associate that with your company. If you use a pre-made logo, the chances of consumers not remembering your company or associating that logo with a different company are higher.
  2. A professional’s eye makes a difference. Did you know there are certain fonts that are hard to read? Or that certain colors put together can give the illusion of movement? Aside from aesthetics, professionals have done this before. They are experienced. This perspective can not only make your business look professional, but can also help market your product and services in ways someone who is untrained might not be able to due to lack of experience.
  3. When it comes to websites, better code means better search-ability. Everyone knows how important it is to come up in listings when search engines are used. Most times template websites (free ones in particular) do not rank well. With proper back end coding, your website will have a better shot at showing in searches against your competition.
  4. The correct tools are one thing that a lot of non-designers lack. Software and tools can make a huge difference in functionality of designs. Having limited access to design software or limited knowledge of them can cause designs to be mediocre. With the proper tools, there are so many more options to creating custom designs that grab the attention of your market and make you stand out from the rest.
  5. Professionalism wins consumers. If you are advertising or handing out print materials, you want the consumers to feel like your business is serious and professional right from the start. Materials and websites that look like they were done by anyone off the street is a huge turnoff and will lose you business. You want people to take you and your business seriously. The ROI on professional design costs will be more than worth it.
If you are looking for ways to cut costs, design is not the way to do it. We would love to hear your take and experiences on professional versus stock design in the comments!