Trust is one of the most important factors in relationships. This is especially true in working relationships with your clients. Clients trust you to provide accurate and honest services or products. It allows for open communication and respect which will in turn not only help you gain that client, but also keep them for the long run. Here are a few ways to gain and keep that trust: Email like you are a professional. No matter how well you know the client, or don’t know, it’s important when discussing work matters to always keep it professional. It doesn’t have to be over the top formal, but sticking to the point and using proper grammar is the way to go. Promptly return calls and emails. Open and quick communication can be the key to a flawless work relationship. Obviously no one will expect you to respond before or after your working hours, however, during your working hours it’s important to provide answers to questions, updates or whatever is requested in a timely fashion. Share current client testimonials and samples of your work. There’s no better way to win over a client than sharing your successes and words straight from other clients. Your work is your biggest advocate on why this potential new client should choose you and your services or product. Value their time. Both you and your client are likely busy individuals. It’s a form of respect to be on time and work efficiently as to not cause any delays in the rest of their days plans. Sometimes unavoidable, it’s best to not cancel or reschedule last minute as well. Not being flaky shows you care. Be transparent. Sometimes, projects or tasks don’t always go as planned or sometimes we all run behind. Life happens. However, it’s important to keep an open communication with your clients and be transparent when any of these issues arise. Most people will understand as long as you are open and honest with them. Ask for feedback. Everyone’s idea of quality or successful work is different. It’s always a good idea to not only ask a client what their goals and intentions are, but also to follow up after a project to see if your work met their expectation. Again, this shows you care and are willing to work and adapt to their ideas. It goes without being said, but a working relationship will run a lot smoothly once trust is established. Your client will not only feel more comfortable with your efforts and ability, you will feel more secure that you have won over and are keeping a client. We would love to hear how you gain and keep trust with your clients in the comments!