If you are not well versed in the topic, you may think marketing is just that: marketing. Did you know there are multiple types of marketing such as inbound and outbound? Both are undeniably important to all businesses big and small, however, inbound marketing is one of the most popular types in today’s society because there is a large amount of information and the fight for attention between companies is highly competitive.

Inbound marketing is a strategy with the goal to pull potential customers/your market to you through many channels such as content marketing, blogs, events, search engine optimization and social media. With inbound marketing, marketers don’t go out looking for potential clients, they draw them in by gaining their attention through these mediums. Simpatico now offers inbound marketing that is tailored to each clients’ needs and markets.

Outbound marketing has it’s time and place, however here are some great statistics that show why inbound marketing is a must for everyone and every business:

  • 45% of direct mail NEVER gets opened
  • 85% of people fast forward through commercials
  • 84% of 25-34 years olds will click off a website with too many advertisements
  • 80% of decisions made by businesses prefer to get their information from articles instead of ads
  • Online shoppers go through an average of 57% of the buying cycle on their own without talking to a company or sales directly

Another really important aspect of inbound marketing is the fact that it is permission based. Because you are reaching potential customers through mediums like email marketing, blogs and social media, it does not feel intrusive. These potential clients have given you permission to reach out to them by liking your page, following your page or signing up for your emails.

Seems simple, right? Before you think it’s as easy as creating content that you know your market wants to read or see, there are a few other factors to consider: timing and location. This is where Simpatico can guarantee you are reaching your potential and current clients to the best of your ability. Not only do we create killer content, we use specific marketing tools and analyze information from those tools to determine where and when you should be posting and reaching out to your market. Data based inbound marketing is always more successful because it’s based on real-time facts and data, not just industry averages and assumptions. Read more about our marketing services here.

Want to know more about inbound marketing in general? We have some great posts pinned in our Pinterest board for marketing here. In future posts, we will go over and explain each medium of inbound marketing more extensively. We would love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments or send us a message!