If you have dove in to any sort of marketing initiatives for your business, you have probably heard the term “landing page.” To most people, it sounds just like a one page website which can lead to you thinking that it’s really not necessary. You have a great website, isn’t that enough? Sometimes. But sometimes not. A landing page is a single page that is dedicated to a specific marketing campaign. Landing pages can increase your conversion rates and help you track and determine the success of a campaign. When you link an ad (print, pay-per-click, social media, etc) to a landing page, that produce, service or offer is all they see. When users are given specific or targeted information, they are way more likely to act on it. Landing pages also make lead generation a breeze because it is easier to track visitors to one page versus follow their journey through their whole website. Another pro to landing pages are that they have the potential to increase your SEO rankings. More sites with stellar content = more opportunities to appear in searches. Collecting valuable data to be used for future campaign targeting on viewers is also a breeze. You know the only people visiting the landing page are those who clicked in your link or ad. This gives you good insight in to who your audience really is. Landing pages can be a highly successful marketing tool, but what makes a good one? Read on for a few tips on creating a great landing page.
  1. Organized/Minimal Content The goal of a landing page is to present targeted information, services, products or offers to your viewers. Easy to read and relevant content are key to getting them to actually read and engage with this information. The goal is to provide necessary information, not to overwhelm them.
  2. Bold Design Creating a header that stands out with the offer, or enticement, is a great way to capture a viewers attention and encourage them to want to continue reading.
  3. Call To Actions + Forms You got them to your page, you pulled them in with great content but now you want them to take the next step. A good call to action and/or form is key. It must be easy to find, not lengthy enough to turn away people and not too invasive that it discourages people from filling out the information. Capture the lead info you need and no more. Simple, quick and easy is key.
  4. Make It Easy For Viewers To Contact You Sometimes you can provide the best information and incentives and people will still have questions. You want to make sure it’s easy to contact you. If a reader leaves your site with questions and without taking the next step, they are less likely to do so overall.
Like websites, landing pages can be one of your best marketing tools-especially for tracking purposes. Call or shoot us a message today to chat about how they could benefit your marketing campaigns!